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Afford to take care again.

Whether or not you have health insurance, seeing a doctor just to take care of you and yours often feels financially out of reach today. Reach higher with Direct Primary Care from Uplift Family Medicine.

Put your health goals first.

People used to see their doctor without hesitation whenever they had questions or concerns about their health and wellness. Our patients from 2 to 64 years old do this today.

Membership has its privileges.

Everyone should consider Direct Primary Care whether they have health insurance or not. Being able to afford unlimited contact with a doctor again affords you a long list of benefits.

The ER should be your last go-to.

Just because you don’t have to pay before you leave, your personal finances will take a big hit. A basic ER visit now costs $3,500+.

You might spend more on your cable bill.

Our flat monthly fee is often less than you spend on any one of your monthly utility bills. It’s easy again to prioritize your health.

The convenience and access is next-level.

Sick visits. Well visits. Discounted labs. Discounted treatments. See your doctor, not an assistant. Visit the doc without leaving home. 

Deductibles and copays are for other docs.

Don’t wait for benefits to kick in after a deductible is met. Don’t pay every time you go. Visit as often as you want to feel well. 

Here you get to know your doctor again.

Even with health insurance, it just costs too much to get the quality time with your doctor you want and deserve anywhere else.

Dr. Augustyniak can empathize with patients.

Dr. A has experienced not having access to a doctor when she really needed one. She chose Direct Primary Care for her patients.


When there’s a convenient, affordable way to have close, frequent contact with your doctor again — your health must come first. One of us, Dr. JoBeth offers a better way to maintain your health.

JoBeth Augustyniak, DO

Board Certified Family Medicine

Affordable Monthly Memberships

No Long Term Commitments

Unlimited Maintenance & Sick Visits

Discounted Labs & Treatments

No Wait Times, All The Time

Appointments are 30 Mins – 1 Hour*

No Copays or Deductibles, Ever

Unlimited Access to Actual Doctor

Contact Doc Via Phone/Email/Text

Zero Insurance Interference w/ Care

Same Day & Next Day Appointments

Yearly Exams are Also Included

Membership Plans

Discounted monthly memberships are available for families with three or more enrolling, and for employers who enroll five or more employees.

Ages 2-17



Ages 18-40



Ages 41-64



Love this membership-based model of care. What a great experience it was! My fear of going to the doctor dissipated with her calming presence and beautiful office setting. The personal, get-to-know-you, genuine care is evident, and it's such a refreshing change from the fast-paced 'move you along so they can get to the next patient' norm! -Elsie R.

Are you a small business owner?

Providing this affordable benefit for your team pays for itself.

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Make Your Health Goals Top Priority Again

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