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It pays for itself.

If your employees call in sick or become ill enough so they become unable to work — your business suffers. Some never return to work. Without medical coverage employees live stressful lives. We offer employees peace of mind that pays for itself.

Discounted monthly memberships are available for employers who enroll five or more employees or agree to annual or bi-annual plans. Let’s discuss your needs and set up a solution that’s perfect for your team and goals.

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Why cover your team?

Happy, healthy employees equals big business.

  • Healthy employees are happier
  • Happy employees are productive
  • Happy, healthy employees attract customers
  • Providing health coverage creates loyalty/helps retention
  • A healthy workplace is of great value

Direct Primary Care is perfect for small business owners.

  • Single employee plans as low as $75 per month
  • Reduce business loss from employee absence
  • No long term commitments
  • Discounts for enrolling five or more employees
  • Discounts for long-term membership plans