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How it works.

Everyone should consider Direct Primary Care whether they have health insurance or not. Being able to afford unlimited contact with a doctor again affords you a long list of benefits.

You might spend more on your cable bill.

Our flat monthly fee is often less than you spend on any one of your monthly utility bills. It’s easy again to prioritize your health.

Insurance interference with care is eliminated.

Quality care shouldn’t be dictated by what insurance companies determine is necessary or not. Get the most unbiased care again.

The convenience and access is next-level.

Unlimited visits. Discounted labs and treatments. Patients can reach Dr. JoBeth directly by phone, text or email 24 hrs a day. 

No deductibles and copays, ever.

Don’t wait for benefits to kick in after a deductible is met. Don’t pay every time you go. Visit as often as you want to feel well. 

Appointments are super convenient.

Appointments are 30 mins to one hour in most cases. Ever been in a meeting that should have been an email? Calls and emails work, too.

No long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Dr. JoBeth wants to connect with patients and hopes to work with many for life. If it isn’t a fit she wants you to find other care.

Membership Plans

Discounted monthly memberships are available for families with three or more enrolling, and for employers who enroll five or more employees.

Ages 2-17



Ages 18-40



Ages 41-64



Make Your Health Goals Top Priority Again

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