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Turning Back Time on Fun and Sun

Written by Jobeth Augustyniak

July 11, 2024

Member Facts:


Age 48.

Conditions: Decades of outdoor activity accelerated sun spots/damage on the face.

How did you hear about Aesthetic Services from Uplift Family Medicine?

I moved to Denison in 2023, found the doctor, learned more about her Direct Primary healthcare model and chose to become a member. I’ve enjoyed having Direct Primary Care so that I could communicate more with my doctor without fear of it costing me a fortune. Having Uplift Family Medicine’s membership has allowed me to take better care of my health in general. If I ever have a question for a doctor I just ask.

When the doctor added aesthetic services I became very interested. I had always been interested in improving/repairing my skin from riding around in a Jeep with the top down or spending other extended periods in the sun. When I found out more about the services I realized that they were both effective and virtually painless. When I found out it was also affordable, I was in.

What did you hope for when choosing Aesthetic Services? What were your goals?

Years of direct sunlight seemed to age me a little quicker than I wanted. Looking in the mirror I felt young but looked ‘older’ than I wanted to look. When I learned about the science behind the Harmony XL’s capabilities and more about how micro needling worked, it all made sense to me. My hope by choosing to use the services was to repair sun damage, tighten up wrinkles, and to look a few years younger (if that was possible!). When I was told that these services would help me achieve what I desired, I decided to give it all a try.

What was the process like to have the Aesthetic Services done?

Anything that involves needles or lasers makes me a little anxious. I don’t have any tattoos for that reason. When I decided to begin the process was comfortable, simple and much easier than I anticipated. The services were described to me before each step so that I remained comfortable. After work was started with the Harmony XL or the micro needling pen my anxiety immediately went away. I had nothing to worry about. The procedures were not painful and they are done before you know it. Once you see the results that are happening you go from anxious to wanting more. The results start immediately and keep improving after each service.

How many treatments have you done/plan to do?

To reach my goals it was recommended that I see the doctor at least four times. There is a short waiting period between each treatment. After my second treatment I saw results even more dramatic than the first time I came in. Before and After photos are starting to show significant change. My complexion is clearing up. Sun spots are being erased. Wrinkles have all but disappeared. I get up in the morning and see that younger version of me I had hoped for, and we are not even done yet!

Are you happy with the treatments you have received? Seeing results?

Absolutely. There is so much win in doing this when you are my age. Seeing your face for the first time after years of neglect have been ‘shed away’ is an amazing thing. It’s a real confidence booster and actually feels like turning back time. After my second treatment I sent a text to the doctor saying ‘I looked in the mirror this morning and it looks like I got an extra decade of sleep’. I know that results vary for these services but I have seen some of the other cases and how it has helped people. The technology being used is truly amazing. In my opinion anyone who tries should be very happy with their decision.

What did you preconceive about these services that was proven wrong?

I thought it would be painful. It wasn’t. A skeptic, the results I hoped for started happening sooner and better then I expected. The whole process was easy. Overall, I felt I waited too long to look into something like this. The added confidence it gives me every day made the reasonable cost for the services a real value. The experience overall was a comfortable one and I expected to be uncomfortable. I went from skeptic to believer and advocate in a hurry.

Do you have any advice for someone considering Aesthetic Services?

Yes. It never hurts to ask. Dr. Augustyniak is a great resource to discuss your goals with and she put together a plan for me after a no-pressure, informative consultation that included scanning my face with amazing tech that clearly identifies areas for improvement for your unique situation. You will likely be surprised at how simple and affordable plans can be. I was.

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